By Peter Shevlin

New partnership between Taylor Fry and Polonious

A new partnership between Taylor Fry and Polonious delivers insurers seamless integration between fraud prevention and case investigation functions

Date Announced:  23 October 2019

Taylor Fry and Polonious recognised the opportunity to make a real time, two-way interface between their solutions as a standard part of their offering.

The TF Forensics Platform streamlines fraud investigation, using sophisticated analytics to zero in on the suspicious claims most worth pursuing. The result? Better use of insurers’ scarce resources, and fewer investigations into genuine claims – which means less negative impact on customer and brand. The Platform risk scores claims and automatically sends high-risk claims to the Polonious Investigation Management System. At the click of a button, investigators and fraud analysts can deep dive into potentially suspicious claims on the TF Platform using drill-down filters and network visualisation.

The Polonious Investigation Management System brings enhanced case tracking, automation, and reporting to investigation units. Polonious improves productivity and operational effectiveness by maximizing resources and reducing time wasted on administration. The system enables the implementation of customised investigation methodologies and evidence collection ensuring procedural fairness provenance and chain of evidence. The Polonious design minimizes implementation time and reduces dependency on IT departments.

Alan Greenfield, Principal of Taylor Fry, remarked:

“This is a great opportunity for insurers to have a fully integrated, streamlined workflow. Our complementary platforms provide insurers with capabilities that up until now have required them to use several systems, duplicating data input and other resource efforts.”

Stuart Guthrie, Co-CEO of Polonious commented:

“We’re pleased to work with Taylor Fry, productivity is one of the key objectives of any best-practice fraud team – seamless integration between discovery and investigations adds value to both solutions.”

The interface between the two solutions will reduce double entry by automatically sending all the required details of high-risk claims from the TF Platform, including the risk assessment context, through to Polonious, whenever a detailed external or field investigation is required. Then, upon completion of the investigation, the outcome will sync back to the TF Platform, so that further automated actions can be undertaken to improve the model (for example, blacklisting of a fraudster to prevent a repeat offence, and also to identify any other related policies or claims).

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