Our COVID-19 Response

What we’re doing and how we’re
continuing to adapt

As we respond to recent changes in COVID-19 restrictions across Australia and New Zealand, we would like to restate Taylor Fry’s commitment to our clients and our people. As always, this is our highest priority.

What we’re doing

  • Ensuring continuity of service and data security to our highest standards
  • Helping our clients meet the unique challenges of COVID-19 to respond swiftly and strategically
  • Supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients and our people.

How we’ve adapted

Guided by government directives as the situation evolves, we are:

  • Working from home in NSW, with no disruption to our services, due to our well-established flexible office arrangement, in which we regularly run and facilitate virtual presentations and complex projects remotely.
  • Adhering strictly to use of QR codes, social distancing and hygiene practices at our Melbourne and Wellington business locations, which are open.
  • Continuing to facilitate working from home in Melbourne and Wellington to balance in-office attendance. Again, this imposes no disruption to our services, as we have outlined above.
  • Where necessary, conducting meetings, including stakeholder consultations, through virtual workshops.

Data security

Led by Taylor Fry’s IT manager, we are:

  • Maintaining our strict information security procedures and controls to service our clients remotely, in accordance with our international ISO-27001 information security certification
  • Ensuring the highest level of data security and industry best practice – through ISO-27001 – including encryption of all remote access connections
  • Ensuring two-factor authentication for all our people across all their devices.

To our clients and visitors to our website, we wish you a safe and healthy journey through the ongoing stressors and uncertainties at home and at work.

Due to the changing nature of COVID-19, please email or phone Alan Greenfield with any queries or concerns about how we are responding and collaborating with you