About us

A brief history ...

We started off as three guys in a corner office surrounded by cardboard boxes, looking for a better way to do things …

Martin outside the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, London

We wanted to build a place free from internal competition and politics, where we could do good for our clients and compete only with our competitors – not with each other.

Martin Fry, Founder


The corporate world thrives on internal hierarchy, but actuaries Greg Taylor, Martin Fry and Alan Greenfield had different ideas. So they set out to do business on their own terms.

Greg in our first office on Elizabeth Street, Sydney

It’s easy to say things a client wants to hear and it’s hard to say things they don’t want to hear, but the reward for that is trust.

Greg Taylor, Founder


As we grew, we hired similar creative problem solvers, such as physicists, engineers and computer scientists, offering variety to enhance our clients’ financial decisions. Our approach to analytics caught the attention of Qantas, which bought a 51% stake in our business in 2015. These milestones led to setting up our own in-house R&D arm, TF Labs, which now drives all our Taylor Fry innovations.

Alan's stance on plastic water bottles changed over the years ...

Ultimately, we have a responsibility to apply ourselves meaningfully. Whether it’s an insurance valuation, projecting lifetime outcomes for society’s most vulnerable, our position on sustainability, or collaborating with a colleague, we must never lose sight of people’s needs – these are at the heart of what we do.

Alan Greenfield, Founder


Twenty years on from those early days as a three-man start-up, our founding spirit remains the core of who we are and how we help our clients – always with an eye on the future, and our effect on the world and people around us.

Taylor Fry is proudly carbon neutral.