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Anna’s expertise is in using advanced analytics to support health sector organisations make evidence-based decisions that improve the sustainability and quality of their services. She specialises in:

  • Activity based funding for hospitals and aged care
  • Health outcome measurement
  • Evaluation and cost effectiveness of health services
  • Digital health
  • Health data and analytics strategy.

Her activity based funding work focuses on pricing and funding of health services, as well as performance monitoring and insights into healthcare trends. She also leads complex quantitative analysis and data-linkage projects. Anna says:

“With the rising cost of healthcare and pressure of an ageing population, it’s critical to ensure our limited resources are spent and allocated as efficiently and effectively as possible, with a sound focus on immediate and long-term patient outcomes.”

A keen advocate for collaboration, Anna brings numerous players together across the health ecosystem to inform her advice, gaining a deep understanding of the questions a client’s analytics need to answer. She also partners with internal teams to share her knowledge and develop their skills.

Previously, Anna led an analytics team at the Cancer Institute NSW and completed a PhD in mathematical modelling of cardiovascular disease.

Anna’s Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Science Honours, Sydney University
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, Sydney University

Anna Cohen’s
Areas of Expertise

Anna Cohen’s Areas of Expertise

Health and Disability

Make data-driven decisions to improve systems and services


Measure, model and identify opportunities for better policy and programs

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Anna Cohen

Articles by Anna Cohen

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