Kick off your career
with Taylor Fry

Top 5 reasons to come be a grad with us:

  1. You won’t be bored. This is your chance to sink your teeth into high-end analytics projects as well as traditional actuarial work – the stuff that helps you learn and grow.
  2. You’ll get high-profile work, in a low-key environment. Our headline-making work is mainly done in T-shirts and jeans.
  3. You can get technical. We’re unapologetic about our love for R&D. Come help us stay at the forefront of actuarial and analytics discovery and best practice.
  4. You get the best of both worlds. The perks and opportunities of an ASX50  parent company (Qantas), but small enough that everyone knows your name.
  5. You’ll make a difference. We like nothing better than to apply our expertise to projects that solve real-world problems and contribute to social good.

Life as a grad

What’s it like at Taylor Fry?

Meet grads Emma, James, Dennis and Sarah, as they reflect on their first six months in the job.


Get the lowdown

What happens once you get here

From day one, you’ll be part of our phased induction program, where we introduce you to Taylor Fry, what we do and how we do things.

You’ll rotate across our services, giving you exposure to all sorts of projects, industries and people – plus secondments with our clients for a real insider view.

We’ll help you develop consulting skills, collaborate side by side with corporate and government clients, present to stakeholders and learn to pitch for work.

Next you know, you’ll be running the joint. We say this only half-jokingly – several of our current Principals were once Taylor Fry grads!

Are you game?

Do you love a quiz or riddle – like us? In our work, we solve our clients’ most challenging problems. At lunch, we tackle brain-teaser puzzles – just because.

Here’s one we made for you … in case you like to do them just because, too.

Hint: scroll slowly, you don’t want to jump straight to the answer.

136 = 1          589 = 3          66 = 2          8368 = ?

Answer:  8368 = 5

We find the patterns that matter. Why 5? Count the circles in each number.

When do applications open?

Applications for our 2025 graduate program have now closed. Applications for our 2026 graduate program will open mid-January 2025.

Where do we run our graduate program?

We offer positions for graduates across all of our offices – Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington.

What does the application process involve?

Email your cover letter, CV and an up-to-date academic transcript to Soraia Silvello P&C Advisor at:

What does the interview process involve?

Following your application, our Graduate Selection Committee will invite suitable candidates to progress into our selection phase. This will include a video interview, aptitude test and quiz. Following that, successful candidates will participate in a panel interview.

We need more grads to fill up our dragon boating team … and work on a range of consulting projects

What do we look for in our graduates?

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, we like students who are highly numerate. In the past, we’ve offered positions to graduates of actuarial studies, maths, stats, engineering, biology and physics
  • It’s important to us that our grads are curious, creative and confident in communicating technical ideas clearly
  • We’re happy to receive applications from students who will be graduating in the next 12 to 18 months.