Taylor Fry achieves new ISO standard

Taylor Fry has achieved the highest standard of best practice in the industry for its information security management system. The internationally recognised ISO 27001 certification is the culmination of a two-and-a-half-year transformation program within the firm, led by IT manager Thomas McCosker.

“Being awarded this standard provides our clients with the confidence to deliver us the rich and often sensitive data sets we need to produce work that ultimately helps them make effective decisions,” Thomas says.

“It signals we have a mature approach to data security in the provision of our actuarial and analytical services, controlling how we receive, transmit and manage all of our data. There’s not a single part of our IT processes and technology this standard doesn’t touch.”

Taylor Fry Principal Hugh Miller agrees the certification shows an increasing maturity of the company and says, “It reflects our underlying growth in the number and types of complex jobs we’re asked to do by clients.

“Our corporate clients benefit from the high standard of data security we’ve had to develop for some of our modelling of highly sensitive government datasets. Implementing information security in a way that ensures security but enables rapid insights is not an easy task.”

For the three-year certification, Taylor Fry adheres to more than 100 controls, or requirements, and demonstrates a method for implementing each, such as a risk management framework and defined, measurable objectives for our information security program. A mini surveillance audit will be conducted in one year and again in two years, with a full audit completed at the end of the three-year term.

Thomas adds, “This is recognition we have achieved our IT and data transformation goals, helping to prepare us for information security in the present and setting the framework for us to respond to threats in the future.”


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